MEMS Technology Solutions
Key Features
Unique design tool for MEMS
MEMSolver is one of its kind MEMS analytical software. It is designed specifically for development of MEMS devices. Unlike some numerical analysis and finite element analysis software,  MEMSolver has ready made models and its associated mathematics wrapped up into one. It supports all the major steps involved in MEMS development from design to post clean-room processing.
Ready made analytical models
MEMSolver works by creating a mathematical model of the system and generates analytical solutions to explain the behavior of the MEMS device. MEMSolver has a wide range of analytical models that represents the most commonly used micro electro mechanical systems.
Device design and process design capabilities
MEMSolver has system level models for micro electro-mechanical-thermal modeling for device design along with models for some of the most widely used semiconductor processes used in MEMS fabrication. No need to buy separate software for these jobs.
Mechanics, Sensing, Actuation, Process and Data analysis modules
Mechanics module deals with structures, vibration and damping and microfluidics. Sensing deals with piezoresistive, electrostatic and piezoelectric sensing schemes. Thermal, electrostatic and piezoelectric actuation are analyzed in actuation module. Process module deals with all the major semiconductor processes including simulation of diffusion and implantation. Data analysis module deals with post processing including yield estimation.
No coding or programming skills required
Existing software tools for MEMS design based on numerical and finite element simulation require its users to have extensive knowledge and theoretical background of the physics applied to these micro scale devices. Also experience in coding and programming skills are required before a successful model can be created. Sometimes a new programming language will have to be learned. MEMSolver does away with all these hurdles and makes MEMS design and development less painful.
Results at the click of a button
The user just has to enter the input parameters like length and width of the beam for example in a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) like textboxes, and the software will immediately calculate the relevant results. This result file can be saved for later reference.
Command line input
Along with the GUI based modeling, MEMSolver also accepts a command line input. The output from the design form can be represented by a single line of command. This helps to store the model as a single line of text which can be used later to recreate the model. It can be used for easy storage and retrieval of the model.
Graphical representation of results
The output from the model can be plotted which helps the user to better understand the behavior of the system. X-Y plots, 2D and 3D surface plots along with animation are available. Such graphs are provided with every design form. The graphs are provided with crosshair tool which helps the user to read out the data values directly from the graph. The data can also be streamed out and saved. There is zoom facility. The graph can be printed and saved as an image.
Extensive help files
Every design form is provided with a help file that gives a good theoretical explanation of the particular phenomena analyzed in the design form. It helps even a novice or a student to grasp the idea and prepares him to interpret the results correctly. It is equivalent to referring several text books.
Unbeatable price
Most commercially available software tools are very expensive which makes it difficult to justify its purchase. MEMSolver is offered at a fraction of the cost so that individual developers and even students can afford to buy it along with established companies working in the field of MEMS.
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