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MEMSolver 3.3 is released!
MEMSolver software framework is upgraded to .Net 4.6 for added security features and to correct some server connection issues.
MEMSolver 3.2.1 is released!
MEMSolver website and software were upgraded to https protocol. All existing licenses need to be updated to the latest version.
MEMSolver 3.2 is released!
MEMSolver license is migrated to a new license server and hence all customers are requested to update to the latest version.
MEMSolver 3.1 is released!
MEMSolver now supports 64bit PCs and some more models are included. Help buttons are included in every design form.
MEMSolver Reseller in China
MEMSolver signs reseller agreement with Beijing Tianyan Rongzhi Software Co., Ltd (TurnTech) that focuses on education resource and scientific software development and distribution, as well as providing professional services and technical support to higher education market and research institutions in mainland China. For more details visit this link Beijing Tianyan Rongzhi Software Co., Ltd.
MEMSolver 3.0 is released!
MEMSolver now has 2D and 3D graphical plotting and animation capabilities!
MEMSolver 2.1 is released!
New modules for microfludics, piezoelectric sensing and piezoelectric actuation are included. Also facility to store and retrieve results for all the simulated models are available through a drop down menu. A full license version is released for the same price!
13th Nano and Microsystem Technology Conference
Conference organized by National Chiao Tung University and Republic of China Microsystems and Nano Science and Technology Association. Meet us there! For more details view this link.
Training class on MEMSolver
A free training class on MEMSolver is arranged by Pitotech at their facility in Taiwan. Register in advance. For more details visit this link Pitotech Co Ltd.
MEMSolver Reseller in Taiwan
MEMSolver signs reseller agreement with Pitotech Co Ltd a leading technology provider based in Taiwan. For more details visit this link Pitotech Co Ltd.
ICMEMS 2009 Conference
International conference on MEMS at IIT Madras, Chennai, India (3 - 5 Jan 2009). Meet us there!        For more details visit this link ICMEMS 2009.
MEMSolver 1.2 is released!
Free evaluation version of MEMSolver1.2 is available for download.
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