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Why choose MEMSolver?
There are some striking differences between MEMSolver and other existing MEMS design tools available in the industry. Some of them are listed below.
MEMS Analytical Software
It is not another Finite Element Modeling (FEM) software. Existing software tools for MEMS design based on numerical and finite element simulation require its users to have extensive knowledge and theoretical background of the physics applied to these micro scale devices. FEM is useful in some cases to understand localized stresses like that due to sharp corners. But in most situations what someone is looking at are the final results like deflection, maximum stress, output etc. An FEM tool is not required for these and can be solved using analytical models.
Device design and process simulation capabilities
MEMSolver is a unique tool that combines MEMS device design and process simulation. MEMS is an interdisciplinary field and so should be MEMS development tools. MEMSolver has system level models for micro electro-mechanical-thermal modeling for device design along with models for some of the most widely used semiconductor processes used in MEMS fabrication. No need to buy separate software for these jobs. MEMSolver has 1D, 2D and 3D plotting and animation capabilities.
Price advantage
A MEMS developer often has to buy very expensive software, hire engineers who has expertise in the use of this software and impart necessary training before this software could be used. These softwares are often beyond the reach of academic institutions and researchers. Separate software tools will be required for design and process simulation. Days and weeks of programming and research are needed before results can be generated. MEMSolver is a solution to all those problems.
Supports complete product development flow
Using MEMSolver, a project engineer or researcher who may not have much knowledge of the physics applied to MEMS devices could develop a MEMS device from concept to processing. Select a suitable beam design and run a stress analysis, carry over that beam design to study its dynamic characteristics under vibration and damping. Use any of the actuation or sensing schemes like electrostatic, thermal, piezoresistive etc to develop it into a sensor or actuator. Then develop a microfabrication process that goes along with the device and with the available fabrication equipment. Calculate final yield.
Ease of Modeling
MEMSolver uses GUI based modeling. Insert the values for the structural dimension of the device in a text box and generate results at the click of a button. No new programming languages to learn. Save and  recreate the entire model with a single line of command.
Accuracy of results
When it comes to theoretical accuracy of a model, analytical models score high. In the case of FEM, eventhough the underlying theory is the same, the final result would depend on the modeling skills of the person, the generated mesh and how well the loads and boundary conditions are applied. The results that MEMSolver provides are theoretically accurate for the given conditions, and what every FE model attempts is to get a result close to the analytical solution. Every model is provided with an example which allows the user to make a comparison with any other model they might have.
Minimal run time and result generation
Compared to finite element models, MEMSolver generates results in a very short time. No large result files are created. The entire model and results can be saved as a small text file. Final results can be plotted in intuitive graphs with data export facility.
Ideal instructional tool
A university researcher or student will find MEMSolver a very useful tool in their learning process. It is a tool developed for professional MEMS developers made available to them at an affordable price. An academician will find the graphs and plots very intuitive and helps them in understanding their project work and beyond. The help files gives them a good theoretical background of every design.
Free evaluation
MEMSolver is a downloadable software with free evaluation, a rarity among commercial MEMS software tools. This "try before you buy" approach is the ultimate guarantee that the software will perform to your satisfaction.
The comprehensive set of features, user-friendliness and price advantage definitely sets MEMSolver apart from all the other MEMS software tools in the market. It allows any MEMS developer, what ever his level of competence or expertise, to take advantage of all it capabilities and efficiently deliver a reliable product in no time and with unmatched ease.
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