MEMS Technology Solutions
Consulting in MEMS
MEMSolver offers consulting, technology and outsourcing services in the field of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS). We concentrate on the technical and engineering aspects of product development. We believe in innovation, quality of work, value for money, on-time product delivery, and integrity as core values of our business.
MEMSolver was established in 2006 with its office located in Kerala, India. We have been working  with a number of leading MEMS development companies around the globe. With the changed economic situation, our clients value the services we offer considering the cost advantage that outsourcing offers. We can meet your requirements in a cost effective and efficient manner.
Our core expertise is in design and development of MEMS devices. We offer assistance throughout the entire product development process from developing a device concept based on client requirements through device manufacturing and testing. If your requirement falls under any of the categories listed in key expertise page, we can do it!
The best testimonial we can offer on our capabilities is our product MEMSolver itself. It is a unique and innovative design and analysis software for MEMS development. We also offer 15% discount on all MEMS consultancy works to our customers who have purchased a full license of MEMSolver. Please see the products page for more details.
We have experienced and knowledgeable staff  to support you. Your main contact will be Jacob Franklin, who has over 20 years experience developing MEMS devices. He received his MS by research degree from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Madras, India for the work he did on high temperature pressure sensors at Microsensors and Actuators Technology (MAT) Center, Technical University of Berlin, Germany. He worked at Silicon Microstructures Inc located in California USA as design engineer for 5 years before starting the consulting and outsourcing services..
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