MEMS Technology Solutions
Key expertise and capabilities
Our core expertise is in design and development of MEMS devices. We use industry standard softwares and methodologies for creating best results in the least time possible. We offer our assistance at every stage of product development listed below.
Conceptualization and patent search
We work with the customer to find out what their requirements and specifications are and develop a device concept keeping the entire product in mind. This includes determining the basic device structure, sensing or actuation scheme, process and packaging requirements. We can do a patent search of the idea.
Mathematical modeling
We can create a mathematical model for an analytical representation of the device. This gives us a better understanding of the device and reduces errors going forward. MEMSolver software can create a quick model of the device and predict its performance.
Finite element modeling and simulation
Finite element modeling (FEM) can provide an insight into the behavior of the device to various design variables and operation environments. Some of our simulation capabilities are stress analysis, modal analysis, transient and dynamic analysis, film stress, simulating piezoresistive effect, film damping, package stress etc.
Design layout and masking
Once the structural design is finalized, drawings can be generated to visualize the circuit and a device layout to go along with the process. This can later be converted to a full mask layout that fits the requirements of your foundry tools. We can stream out GDS files and send it to mask vendor.
Process design and simulation
We can help to develop a process that goes along with the design and matches the capabilities of your fab. We can perform process simulation, for example to determine dopant dose and energy, junction depth and sheet resistance of resistors and interconnects.
Test and data analysis
We develop test programs based on Microsoft VB .Net framework with MS Access database support to store the test files and test limits. Post testing data and yield analysis can be done using these programs or custom MS excel macros.
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